Teacher Resignation Letter

To resign from a teaching position, the teacher must inform the school administration and the headmaster or principal of the school about the resignation through a letter. A teacher resignation letter is a written notice stating that a teacher is resigning from his or her position.

What is a Teachers’ Resignation Letter?

Just like any other resignation letter, a teacher’s resignation letter is a formal resignation letter written by the concerned teacher and handed over to the school authorities and the principal.

Are you a teacher who wants to resign from your teaching position? It is best to first speak to your school’s principal and inform the school authorities about your intention of leaving. Once you have spoken to them, you will have to write an official teacher letter of resignation. A resignation letter is mandatory for every teacher who wants to resign before their teaching tenure or contract is over.

What Should Be Included In A Teacher’s Resignation Letter?

A teacher resignation letter needs to have basic information mentioned, such as your last working day, the courses or classes you teach, your position, and your reason for resigning. If you do not wish to mention why you are resigning, you could choose to write a teacher resignation letter for personal reasons or speak to your principal and discuss your reason for leaving.

If your resignation plans and reasons for resigning have already been discussed with the principal or concerned school authorities, you can choose not to specify your reason for leaving in your official resignation letter.

If you are unable to serve the entire duration of the specified notice period, it is recommended that you mention the period that you can serve along with the reason for the same.

Relevant information such as the details of your classes and courses and ongoing projects needs to be mentioned in your resignation letter. Do mention that you will be willing to offer any help required during the hand-over process to your replacement. Make sure to leave your contact details such as your phone number and email address for the school authorities to reach out to you whenever necessary.

How to Write a Teacher Resignation Letter?

You need to ensure that your teacher's resignation letter to the principal is brief and professional, avoid adding any personal comments, and if you do want to add any, make sure that the comments are positive in nature.

Remember that your resignation letter is an official document and not a place for you to cite all your disappointments and issues with the workplace if you have any. In case you have any qualms or problems about the workplace, it is best to address these issues during the exit interview and away from your resignation letter.

Most workplaces look forward to your feedback and would be open to taking your inputs on how they could manage things better.

Do not forget to express your gratitude for getting an opportunity to teach at the institution. Thank the administration, your colleagues, and the principal for getting the chance to work and learn from them. You do not want to leave the workplace on a bitter note. Always keep your options open in case you may ever want to come back. Remember that you will require references from the school in the future.

Once your resignation has been officially accepted, you may want to formulate an email or letter for your students or the parents of your students. They might not know that you have resigned, and it would be nice of you to inform them about your resignation. This letter need not be very professional and can be informal. Before you draft an email to your students and parents, make sure to confirm with the management department if it’s okay to do so. Some institutions may have policies in place where such informal communication is not acknowledged.

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