Immediate Resignation Letter

It is standard practice for an employee to give a two-week notice period to the employer when they decide to resign from a position. However, sometimes a situation may arise where you might need to resign from your position without serving a notice period immediately.

You could have a medical emergency at home, or your health is not at its best, or there are issues with your family. When you find yourself in such a situation, you must hand over an immediate resignation letter to your employer. This article will give you a brief idea about what an immediate resignation letter is used for and what it contains.

What is an Immediate Resignation Letter?

An immediate resignation letter is an official notice that is handed over to an employer by an employee. The letter informs the employer that the employee wants to resign immediately and cannot serve the mandatory notice period.

This notice period is used for the resigning employees to finish all their pending projects and hand over all work material to the employer or their replacement.

The notice period is often used by the employer to find a replacement. Resigning without serving a notice period is not considered very professional. However, if the situation demands it, you need to make sure you have a well-written resignation letter ready. It is also advisable that you speak to your reporting manager or supervisor and your employer before handing in your immediate resignation letter. A well-written immediate resignation letter needs to have the following:

  • Your position at the company, along with the company’s name
  • The reason why you require a shorter notice period or resignation with immediate effect
  • The last date that you intend to work and your contact information

A resignation letter effective immediately should always have the reason for your wanting to resign. However, it is best not to dive into details.

A brief explanation is recommended as you do not want your resignation letter to be lengthy. It is also recommended that you express your gratitude and thank the employer for allowing you to work with them.

In case you are leaving because you had a terrible experience at work, it is best not to write anything negative in your resignation letter since you do not want to burn your bridges. It is best to keep your relationship cordial as you will require references from them in the future.

Be sure that your resignation letter has your contact details for the company to reach out to you if there is some pending work left. Ensure that you will fulfill all formalities and cooperate with the administration to satisfy all resignation processes. Finally, make sure you ask them regarding your final paycheck, clearances, and benefits, etc.

What Is An Immediate Resignation Letter Used For?

An immediate resignation letter is used when an employee wants to immediately resign from his current position without serving a notice period. There could be a variety of reasons for wanting to leave immediately.

Since serving a notice period is mandatory for most employees, one could request a shorter notice period or immediate resignation from their post with the help of an immediate resignation letter.

Tips for Writing an Immediate Resignation Letter

Your company will need some time to find a replacement for your position, and you do not want them to have any negative feelings towards you by not giving them a heads-up and enough notice. Be positive and show your gratitude to your employer, colleagues, and supervisors for all the opportunities and lessons you experienced.

Make sure you visit your HR and gather all information required for the resignation process. Be well informed about all your resignation benefits that you should receive. Lastly, before handing in your immediate resignation letter, make sure you keep your employer in the loop regarding your resignation plan.

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