Two Weeks Notice Letter

Are you thinking of resigning from your current job? Make sure you make up your mind and tell your employer well before time for the resignation to get approved.

There is a set time within which a notice letter should be given to your employer. It is customarily kept at two weeks and is usually known as a two weeks notice letter.

What Is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A two weeks notice letter is a letter given by an employee to an employer when they have decided to resign. A two weeks letter provides sufficient time for the employer to fill up the empty place. The employer may choose to reassign the task to some other employee or choose to hire someone else for the place.

The employer, in some instances, may even order the employee to leave right away as the notice letter is given. In some cases, he may ask the employee to stay for a couple of more weeks to complete the existing task he is working on.

Who May Use A Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

A 2 weeks notice letter can be used by anyone working as a subordinate in a company, factory, office, or any working environment. A two weeks notice letter is a standard time frame irrespective of your role in the company.

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

Here is how you should write a 2 weeks notice letter:

Take Notice Of The Format

A two-week notice letter should be written in business letter format. Start your notice letter with the company’s name and address, date, and salutation. At the end of the notice letter, mention your name, signature, and department.

Mention The Date

Mention the date you will give the letter to your employer and not when you write it. This date will act as the starting date of the two-week notice.

Keep It Short

The letter should not be too lengthy and to the point. State the reason for resigning, but it should not be negative or anything that sounds unprofessional. Instead, you can mention you help the company out during the transition process that will involve training the person responsible for filling up your space.

Send To The Right People

Along with sending it to the employer, send a copy of the letter to the HR head. You can send it in a formal or professional tone or even as an email.

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