Board Resignation Letter

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Decisions can be challenging, but you need to make them cautiously and professionally. Now that you have decided to resign from your board position, it is essential to end things on the right note with the help of a board resignation letter.

So, what exactly is a board resignation letter, and what should it contain? Let’s find all the related information in this article.

What Is a Board Resignation Letter?

First things first, a board member resignation letter, like other resignation letters, is a professional document initiated by a board member stating that they would like to resign from the position.

How to Resign from a Board?

Be professional

When handing over your resignation to the board or any organization for that matter, it is essential to end things professionally and sweetly. As a best practice, you can choose to send a business letter to the director of the board of organization. You can also choose to send an email as that’s more convenient.


It is considered courteous to state your reason for resigning. Although you might not want to get into details, it is essential to give a brief explanation for resigning. You might say that you are facing a time crunch or exploring a new opportunity.

Give an end date

While writing a board resignation letter, it is essential to give an end date you will be resigning on. It is considered safe to provide them with as much time as possible so they can make alternate arrangements accordingly as you won’t be around.

Say thank you

Whether your experiences were sweet or sour, it makes sense to thank them for all the experience and wish them the best for the future. It is essential to keep the tone positive, regardless of the reason you are resigning from the board for.


Since a board of director resignation letter is a professional document, proofread and edit it for any grammatical or spelling errors.

What To Write in a Board Resignation Letter


The header contains personal details, including the contact information, of the person you send the letter to. Essential, it should also mention the date of the day you are sending this letter on.


The body of the letter should contain the information about your resignation. The reason you are resigning from the position, the end date, and a brief thank you note (irrespective of how your experience with them was).

End the letter positively and professionally, wishing them all the luck for their future, and keep the communication channel open, encouraging them to contact you if needed.

That said, here is an exclusive collection of board of director resignation letter samples that you might want to check, download, customize, and print.

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