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It can be extremely daunting to quit your job as a nurse and look for greener pastures. However, sometimes, resigning from a job is just inevitable. In such cases, you need to send a nurse resignation letter to your boss informing him of your decision. How do you write resignation letters for nurses, and what are some elements that a nurses resignation letter sample should include? Let’s explore.

What Is a Nursing Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter for nursing works pretty much in the same way as other resignation letters. In other words, nurses can write resignation letters to their bosses to state their intention of departing from their job. Nurses' letter of resignation acts as a formal document that contains all the necessary information to make the transition from one job to another smooth and easy. This is why it is essential for resignation letters for nurses to be written in the right tone and manner. It is also vital for you to include all the necessary details in your letter.

What are some key elements that nurses' letters of resignation must contain? Let’s take a look.

Key Elements of a Nursing Resignation Letter

Examples of resignation letters for nurses will show you that your resignation letter must contain the following elements:

  • Sender’s information: Here, you need to include your full name, address as well as contact details.
  • Your manager’s information: All nurses resignation letter samples will tell you that you need to send your letter out to your immediate boss or manager. As such, you need to include your manager’s full name, address, and contact details.
  • Salutation: Include a salutation such as “Dear Sir” or “Dear Ma’am.”
  • Your intention to leave: It goes without saying that resignation letters for nurses must contain a statement regarding your intention to leave the company. Here, you must include both your position at the company as well as your last working day.
  • A reason: This is optional, but most nurses resignation letter samples contain a reason behind the resignation. It is a good idea to include the reason if you wish to maintain cordial relations with your employer even after you have left the company.
  • A closing: End your letter with an ending such as “Sincerely” or “Regards.” Put down your name and signature to complete your registered nurse resignation letter.

What Is a Nursing Resignation Letter Used for?

There are several ways in which an RN resignation letter can come in handy.

  • Formality: First and foremost, a resignation letter for nurses acts as a formal document that records your departure from the company for official purposes.
  • Maintain cordial relationships: If you have had a good run at your job, then you will most likely wish to maintain a good relationship with your employer even after you have left your job. This is where a nurse resignation letter comes into the picture. You can serve to smoothen the relationship by offering a reason for your departure, as well as by expressing a sense of gratitude towards your manager.
  • Give notice: Unless it is completely impossible for you to continue at your job for a few more days, it is vital that you give some amount of notice to your managers so that they are able to find a replacement. The notice period is usually stated in your resignation letter for nursing.
  • Make the transition easy: Your nursing resignation letter can also include a statement of your intention to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible. You can do so by stating that you will be ready to help train/guide your replacement when he/she comes on board.

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