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Are you planning to resign from your job? How do you plan to put that forward to your employer? While resignation letters are great and all, you might also consider sending resignation emails.

What Is A Resignation Email?

A resignation email is an email message sent to the employer or the HR department when you want to leave the company. This acts as an official notice to place your resignation plans.

An email resignation is usually convenient when you are working under remote conditions and don’t meet your boss/employer daily.

What To Include In A Resignation Email?

A resignation email should be written formally. To make sure it sounds formal, here is what should be included in a resignation email to serve its purpose well.

Date Of Leaving

Mention the date of leaving the company clearly so that enough time is given to the employer to look for your alternative. A two-week notice period is officially required for you to resign from the job. Also, mention the ongoing projects you are currently working on.

Contact Information

The e-mail message should be mailed to the HR’s and company’s email address, so there is no need to provide the company’s contact information.

However, do provide your own contact information, like your contact number and a non-company email address.

Offer Assistance And Gratitude

The email body should include your interest in assisting during the transition period. The email should end with expressing gratitude for the working environment (even if you feel otherwise).

Mention Resign Letter Subject

Don’t forget to add a subject line for a resignation e-mail. Add a clear subject line ‘resignation email’ to not get the email overlooked.

Tips For Drafting a Resignation Email

If you are in front of your computer system trying to write a resignation email, here are some of the tips to write it perfectly

E-mail id

Mention the e-mail id of your boss and add the email id of the HR department in the (cc) column as well.

Two-Week Notice

Write this two weeks before planning to leave the company. This will give enough time to the employer to plan as the situation demands.

Ready To Get Fired

Consider the day you are sending the email as your last day with no loose ends. This is because, in some instances, the employer may right away approve your resignation if you have no pending projects.

No Need To Mention Reasons

There is no need to state the reasons for leaving the job. Keep the letter brief and to the point and only mention it when asked.

Mention Your Queries

An email resignation makes it easier to ask questions which you may hesitate to ask personally. This is also the right time to ask about your pending paycheck (if any), about the compensation and benefits you are entitled to, etc.

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