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Giving a one-week notice letter is the official way of informing the employer regarding his plans of leaving the current job position in a week. In countries where employment is at-will, providing a one-week notice is a professional way of terminating the working relationship. This also allows the employer to make appropriate staffing changes in the company. Though the two-week notice is considered appropriate, giving one week notice instead of two is still regarded as professional and helps in maintaining a positive professional relationship between the employer and the employee.

What Is One Week Notice?

One week notice letter is the official correspondence initiated by the employee to notify the employer that he would leave his current job position within a week. This is the time range that the employer sets between informing the employer regarding the resignation and their last day at work.

This is a standard practice in the United States, where employment is at will. People can leave their jobs without notifying the employer. Still, it is professional ethics to inform the employer at least a week before the termination of the employment to stay on good terms with the employer. This 1-week notice letter will prepare the company with alternatives after your departure. It will also leave a good impression on the employer that you are quitting the job politely and professionally.

All employers do expect this brief notice period, and it also helps in preserving your professional relationship with them.

When Do You Need a One Week Notice Letter?

There is no hard and fast rule when one should give a notice letter and for how long in the United States. Two weeks in the standard notice period for many job positions, including technical jobs and managerial roles. There is no need to give notice if you have been employed for only a month or less. One week notice period is required if you have been working in the company for up to 2 years. And a two-week notice period is deemed appropriate if you have been working for 2-12 years in the organization.

Giving a one-week resignation letter is deemed appropriate in the following situations, where resignation is considered the most appropriate action rather than continuing in the job.

  • Personal emergencies such as illness in a family member could warrant emergency resignation from the current job with a 1-week notice.
  • Unsafe or uncomfortable working conditions, where the person cannot do justice to self and the work.
  • When you have found new work and a better position, then you can go ahead with the one-week notice resignation letter.
  • If you know that you will be leaving the job in advance, maybe when you have planned to continue your education or have applied for a job elsewhere, it is deemed appropriate to inform your employer in advance.

How To Write A One Week Notice Letter?

Here are some important tips and strategies to keep in mind while writing a resignation letter 1-week notice.

  • The notice letter should be written in the format of a business letter as this is an official letter that will be kept in the employee file. Include your contact information at the top left corner of the letter and your signature at the end of the letter.
  • In the first paragraph of the letter, state the date when you will leave the job.
  • Keep the letter short and make sure to intimate the last day of work in the first few lines of the letter.
  • You can also explain to your employer the reason for quitting the job, especially when it is due to health reasons or family crises, and planning for higher education. This will help provoke empathy in the minds of the employer.
  • Express your gratitude for the opportunities given to you in the job position. Even if you didn’t have a great experience in the job, ending the letter with a brief thank you would be appreciated.
  • Proofread and edit the resign letter 1-week notice for spelling and grammar errors before sending it to the employer.

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